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5 breakfasts that taste better with honey!

Natural honey is a delicious sweet treat that is also extremely good for you. As a natural sweetener, it can also add a little extra flavour to some other foods that can otherwise be bland. Here are some excellent ways to sweeten your breakfast with honey and ensure that your food is rich with luscious flavour.

Enhance your porridge

Unsweetened porridge can be bland and tasteless. So, it’s definitely a prime candidate for improvement. Adding a dollop of organic raw honey can transform a boring breakfast into a brilliant one. Swirl your raw honey through your porridge and you’ll enjoy an infusion of taste that will set you up for the rest of the day.

Sweeten your yogurt

Natural yoghurt is very good for you. Rich in calcium, dairy products are essential for maintaining healthy bones and teeth. However, the plain taste of natural yoghurt does not appeal to everyone. When you add honey to natural yoghurt, it instantly uplifts the flavour and allows you to enjoy it as a healthy breakfast, snack or dessert.

Enrich your breakfast pancakes

Everyone has a preference for the sweetener they pour over their breakfast pancakes, but honey is a surefire way to create an extra dimension of flavour. Stacking your pancakes with fresh berries and drizzling honey over the meal will boost the healthiness of your breakfast and ensure your food is bursting with sweet and sumptuous flavours.

Honey on toast

Honey is a perfect addition to toast. Unlike sugary jams, honey will not send your blood glucose levels soaring. Unfiltered raw honey is a delectable option to spread on your toast at any time of day and is an excellent alternative to high-calorie buttery spreads too. It is an interesting and flavoursome way to turn your toast into a fantastic treat.

Make your muesli moreish

Although it is an extremely healthy breakfast option, muesli has a reputation for being uninteresting and bland. However, muesli can become mouthwatering when you drizzle it with honey. Once you try it, honey-drizzled muesli will undoubtedly become one of your favourite breakfast staples.

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