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5 innovative ways to use natural honey

Honey is a delicious treat added to a drink, smeared over a hot piece of toast or even eaten straight out of the jar. Honey is a universally acknowledged superfood, but there are several other innovative ways to use honey that could really boost your health and wellbeing. Using natural and organic raw honey is an excellent way to improve your hair, your skin and your confidence!

1. Wash your hair

Harsh chemical laden shampoos can strip your hair of its natural oils. However, using honey to wash your hair not only cleanses your scalp but also provides a moisturising treatment for your locks, leaving them looking shiny and feeling silky and fresh.

2. Clean your skin

Cleansing your skin with raw honey could reduce acne, moisturise your dry skin and cut down the irritation you experience when using soap-based cleansers. Honey possesses natural antibacterial and anti-ageing properties, allowing it to moisturise your skin and regulate its natural pH levels. This could give you a natural glow and leave you feeling fabulous.

3. Take advantage of honey’s soporific benefits

Not only does eating a spoonful of honey before bed stop you from feeling midnight hunger pangs, but it can also actually promote more restful sleep. The fructose in honey allows your brain to repair itself as you sleep, meaning that you will potentially sleep more deeply and feel more rejuvenated in the morning.

4. Treat mild burns

Among its many other benefits, honey can help to soothe mild burns. This natural remedy helps to take the sting out of the burn and calms the damaged skin whilst simultaneously promoting healing. Honey’s natural antibacterial properties could also guard against infection at the wound site.

5. Make homemade lip balm

With all-natural ingredients, it is simple, swift and easy to make honey, beeswax and cocoa butter lip balm. This can soothe dry and cracked lips and does not contain any harmful chemicals that you might find in store-bought lip balms. As a bonus, it smells and tastes fantastic too!

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