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Honey is nature’s mental health balm

The physical health benefits of natural honey are all too well known. As an alternative to sugar, it contains far more beneficial nutritional elements and, since it takes longer to break down, is less likely to turn into excess calories. And then there’s raw honey’s well-deserved reputation for soothing coughs and sore throats.

But could honey also have mental health benefits? Well, yes, according to research. Let’s take a look at some of the mental health benefits of honey.

Tackling the symptoms of anxiety

Research has found that honey contains anxiolytic properties. Put more simply, this means that a spoonful of natural honey provides a quick, healthy boost to the body’s central nervous system, and can help ease anxiety.

What’s more, the impact is swift and effective. The studies showed that taking a dose of natural honey led to notable reductions in feelings of anxiety within a short time frame.

Improving concentration

Alongside this, by impacting the central nervous system, honey was also found to help tackle short-term memory loss and a lack of concentration. Both of these are not only symptoms of anxiety, they also make naturally anxious people get even further behind on their jobs or other responsibilities and so add to their worries.

With cases of anxiety on the rise, fuelled by economic worries, public health concerns as well as the stresses of social media and even climate change, honey offers a healthy way to disengage the brain and relax.

Honey can provide you with a natural and slow energy boost, avoiding the sudden swings that can exacerbate anxious thoughts and feelings.

Aiding sleep

Honey is nature’s nightcap. Just a spoonful of raw honey, either on its own or in a warm lemon drink, will provide your body with enough glucose to see you through the night. This allows you to wake up feeling calm, rested and ready for the day while reducing the risk of anxiety induced by a lack of sleep.

So, if, like so many people these days, you’re struggling with feelings of anxiety or stress, give Papy’s Honey a try. You’ll soon be feeling calmer and more focused and ready to face the challenges of the modern world!