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Health reasons why raw honey beats sugar

While refined white sugar and raw honey are both considered sweeteners there can be no doubt that for many reasons one is miles ahead of the other, when it comes to your health. Read on as we explore the multitude of ways organic raw honey is a better choice in your diet than white sugar will ever be.

Counting calories

While a tablespoon of sugar often contains fewer calories than raw honey, people who choose honey have been known to lose weight over time. The reason for this is because raw honey is much sweeter than sugar, you’ll often end up using far less to flavour your food and drinks meaning you take in a lower number of calories.

Spiking blood sugar

Unlike white sugar, raw honey won’t cause your blood sugar to spike. Both sweeteners contain the primary sugars glucose and fructose, but while white sugar is made up of 100 percent sugars, raw honey only contains around 85 percent, with the remainder made up of pollen and water along with trace minerals. Due to this difference, our bodies absorb honey at a far slower rate, providing energy levels that are more even, as it’s released over a longer stretch of time.

Impressive nutrients

White sugar is made up simply of glucose and fructose earning it the reputation of being “empty calories”. Raw honey in comparison has a host of useful nutrients your body can use. These include vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids along with potent properties that are antioxidant, antifungal and antimicrobial promoting a robust immune system.

Better health

Sugar can’t compete with the health benefits of raw honey, as organic raw honey has been known to provide welcome relief for sore throats, suppress irritating coughs and soothe sinus issues. It can also assist with digestion, take the sting out of mouth ulcers, and even promote better sleep.

Ready to go raw?

If you’re all set to swap out sugar for raw honey, why not pick up some Forest and Wildflower Honey for you and your family? Entirely organic and 100 percent natural, it’s unfiltered to ensure you get all the nutrients you require alongside the sweet taste that you crave.