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A potted history of honey

The earliest reference to natural honey harvesting dates back 8000 years. A Spanish cave painting clearly depicts the process. Honey is the only substance produced by insects which humans use for food and our love affair with it is an enduring one. Humans have long understood honey’s many beneficial properties, from its vital sugars to its undeniable healing properties. It is part of our collective history and has entered our language from the milk and honey of the Old Testament to Pooh Bear’s greed.

Throughout the ages

Early man was programmed to seek out dietary supplements and honey was a magnificent addition, with its nutrients and energy which are crucial for brain development. A recent study found that honey played a vital part in our early evolution. On his discovery, man found that he had access to a year-round source of superfood. The unexpected bonus was that the product did not deteriorate. Countless Egyptian tombs contain honey which is still edible after several thousand years. Indeed, it is understood that the Egyptians built mobile hives for the bees so they could float them down the Nile to follow the blossom.

A greater meaning

Natural honey has always been revered for its qualities which are demonstrated by its religious significance. In many branches of belief, from Christianity to Judaism, Islam to Buddhism, honey is mentioned as a wholesome elixir and a blessing from God. Indeed, the bee itself has long been a symbol for Christianity, with its suggestion of orderly industry and benevolence. It was for these reasons that it was adopted by Emperor Napoleon as his emblem.

Until eternity

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