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3 sweeteners you won’t find in raw honey

The reason we choose organic foods over non-organic foods is because they are essentially food in their purest form. “Raw” honey is honey in its purest form which means it contains no additives to alter its taste or composition. So, what goes into regular honey that is not in raw honey and what are the effects? Here are 3 sweeteners you won’t find in raw honey and why it’s always best to buy honey in the form nature intended.


High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is essentially a concoction of corn syrup where glucose has been partially converted to fructose via an enzymatic process. Higher in calories and sweeter than regular corn syrup due to its high level of fructose, HFCS has been banned in various products and is commonly replaced by regular corn syrup. Due to its sugar content it has often been linked to various negative affects including diabetes and weight gain.

2. Corn syrup

Not to be confused with HFCS, corn syrup or glucose syrup is a completely different product and is occasionally added to regular honey for a number of reasons including improving the longevity of honey, preventing crystallisation and to alter its colour/texture and taste. Used as a sugar substitute above all else, corn syrup is not as sweet as it contains properties such as Maltose (malt-based chemical) which is about 30-40% as sweet at sugar.

3. Brown rice syrup

When it comes to regular honey, it is not uncommon to find brown rice syrup as a key ingredient. Another malt-based sweetener, brown rice syrup contains 3 types of sugar: maltotriose (52%), maltiose (45%) and glucose (3%). The problem with brown rice syrup is that it only helps fill the volume of the jar and add to the sweetness as it contains very little nutritional value, yet still adds significantly to the calorie count.

As you can see, regular honey may well contain certain sweeteners you weren’t expecting, so always read the label…or even better – always buy raw!