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3 surprising health benefits of honey

Honey has existed as long as bees have; and we’ve been using it as a natural, alternative treatment ever since. Whilst we know that eating honey has a good impact on our environment and the survival of the honeybee, honey itself contains a number of surprising health benefits that you might not have even considered. So when you’re next adding a spoonful to tea, spreading it on toast or using it to bake with, here are just a few surprising benefits honey can have on your health.

Healing wounds

Honey has actually been used to heal wounds and soothe burns for centuries. The practice was believed to have been started in Ancient Egypt but is still used currently to help treat burns and wounds. This is believed to be because honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which can be useful in healing wounds, particularly infected ones.

Soothing sore throats

There’s a reason famous singers drink tea with lemon and honey; it’s because it can soothe rawness in the throat and lubricate the vocal cords. Honey is generally recommended if you’re suffering from a cold or the flu to help ease the pain of a cough or a sore throat, largely due to its antibacterial properties. In fact, the CDC and World Health Organization both recommend using honey to help soothe and treat sore throats.

Glowing skin

Cleopatra used to bathe in milk and honey, and now we know why! Adding a teaspoon of honey to your bath or actively using skincare products with natural honey infused in it can help get rid of dead skin and cells, as well as moisturising the skin. Honey has been linked to improving the signs of ageing, reducing acne and pimples, and acting as a natural exfoliant for the skin.

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