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Getting kids to eat more honey – 4 snack recipes

Let’s face it. A kid’s favourite meal, if you can call it that, is snacks. Not only do they taste great, but they’re also essential for their little bodies. However, a lot of ready-made bites are full of salt and sugar. Making batches of snacks at home with honey instead of sugar is a fantastic way to ensure your little ones are getting the right nutrients. So, read on for our top natural honey snacks that every kid will love.

Honey and peanut butter yoghurt dip

What kid doesn’t love a dip? They’re perfect for filling a hole and can be taken to snack on anywhere. This twist on a classic will have them licking their honey-smeared lips until every ounce is gone. All you need is plain Greek yoghurt, a good dollop of honey and some peanut butter. Slice up some apples, and you’ve got a light bite full of protein and fibre.

Apple nachos

Sticking to the ‘chip and dip’ theme, your little ones will love this sweet take on nachos. Thinly slice apples and sprinkle toppings of their choice on top, which could be nuts, shaved coconut or berries. To top it all off, pour over some delicious warm honey. They’ll find this one hard to resist!

Fruit roll-ups

Sure, you’ve likely seen pre-packed fruit roll-ups, and they’re a favourite of many kids nowadays. Well, why not make your own? It’s much healthier, and they taste incredible. You just need the fruit of your choice, lemon juice and honey. Blend it all, thinly spread it on a baking sheet and bake for a few hours at a low temperature until dried. They can be stored for up to 2 weeks for little fingers to grab when they fancy a snack.

Honey cheerio bars

There’s no need to bake these delicious treats, and your kids will go crazy for them. Simply mix cheerios, honey and peanut butter before forming them into bars. Let it set in the fridge for a few hours, and they’re ready to be enjoyed.

These snacks can all be made quickly, and you can prepare them in large batches to last a week or two. Use Papa’s Honey for all the recipes for the perfect sweetness.