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What is the difference between raw and processed honey?

Honey is a natural sweetener, and is a food item that a lot of people try when they want to be healthier. However, it’s important to know your honeys. Raw honey and processed honey are completely different, and have very different health benefits!

What is raw honey?

Raw honey is, as the name suggests, the most natural form of honey. It is honey that has been taken straight from the beehive – poured directly from the honeycomb with just a little filtering. Raw organic honey, like ours at Papy’s Honey, doesn’t use any pesticides. We also do not feed our bees any syrups or sugars to change the taste of the honey.

This means that raw honey is a completely natural product. Because the processes are so minimal, it has the optimum amount of natural antioxidants.

What is processed honey?

Processed honey – which you will most likely buy from the supermarket – is pasteurized and filtered. Pasteurization destroys the natural yeast in the honey, which makes it last longer, and filtration removes various impurities.

All that this generally does is make the product smoother and more aesthetically pleasing and gives it a longer shelf life.

However, this pasteurization process often remotes antioxidants, pollen, and enzymes. Some honey manufacturers even dilute the honey and add artificial sweeteners! If you purchase cheap honey, you will be more at risk of encountering these.

Which is better?

While raw honey can be slightly pricier and have a shorter shelf-life, it is much more nutritious than its processed counterparts. Raw honey has 31 minerals, vitamins, enzymes and 22 amino acids.

Commercial honey does have some similar benefits, but it is much less healthy than raw honey. It is also important to check that commercial honey does not have any extra additives. If you are buying honey to cut back on sugars, then you will definitely want to make sure that your honey doesn’t have added sweetener!

It’s best if you know your honey source, and have a good idea of the processes that go into creating it. Papy’s Honey provides organic raw honey with all of the nutritional benefits still intact!