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How honey can help with weight loss

Many people are surprised that food as sweet as honey can help with losing weight. Honey is known as a ‘natural sweetener’ and can change the flavour of food and drink quite substantially. But, despite this, it’s not a super low-calorie food. How then, can it help someone to lose weight?

Honey is better than sugar

When used in small amounts (one teaspoon or so), honey is much better than any type of sugar. Therefore, if you normally use sugar to sweeten foods such as porridge, you’ll have a lower calorie and healthier meal option if you swap to honey.

Honey helps to control your appetite

Honey is a natural appetite suppressant. Experts say that consuming honey helps to limit cravings by sending your brain a signal that tells it you don’t want any more sweet food. Consuming honey is, therefore, a great way to cut back on other sweet treats.

Honey helps your body burn fat

Studies have shown that after consuming honey just before bed, the body naturally starts to burn fat while you sleep. This is because honey helps the liver produce its own glucose supply, which in turn makes the brain release fat-burning hormones, essentially causing your body to lose weight. This is especially notable when it is combined with cinnamon, which is another useful natural sweetener that can help people shed the pounds.

Drinking honey and lemon is good for weight loss

Some of the nutritional benefits found in honey and lemon help the body to flush out food, aiding with digestion. The antioxidants and flavonoids in honey also complement the vitamin C in lemon, which cleanses the colon and aids with detoxification.

However, it’s important you choose the right honey, and organic raw honey is by far the best for weight loss. Ultimately, while honey is a sweet treat for some, it can help to control sugar cravings, burn fat, and detox the body – which are all important things to consider when trying to lose weight.