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Why you should add honey to your workout regime

It’s no secret that unfiltered raw honey is good for you. As a natural sweetener, high-quality raw honey can be added to all sorts of recipes to give a natural and immune-boosting benefit.

So we all know that natural honey gets a big thumbs up in the health department, but did you know that raw honey can be beneficial to your workouts too? Read on to find out why you should make natural honey your new fitness supplement.

Honey as pre-workout fuel

Many gym-bunnies will turn to chemically manufactured “pre-workout” formulas and shakes to spike their energy levels and boost their performance.

A recommended alternative to these highly-processed formulas is organic raw honey.

Rather than taking a short-lived burst of sugar in the form of a glycogen pouch, why not try eating a spoonful of unfiltered raw honey 30 to 40 minutes ahead of your scheduled workout for a clean energy boost?

You can even mix honey into a complex carbohydrate meal such as porridge. The slow release of natural sugars from good quality honey will help steady your blood glucose levels throughout your workout, without any nasty sugar crashes.

Honey for post-workout recovery

Stave off fatigue and replenish your glycogen stores after your workout with a serving of unfiltered raw honey.

The nutritional value in raw honey is highly beneficial to post-workout recovery. Adding some natural honey to your post-workout snack or meal will not only refuel your body, but it will also give an added nutritional boost to your recovering muscles.

Think about adding some natural honey to your post-workout smoothie or snack for a quick uptake of nutrients and high-quality carbohydrates.

Papy’s Honey for workouts

When adding foods to your diet, it is important to consider what manufacturing processes may have impacted the quality and nutritional value of the original ingredient. Papy’s Honey is always organic, natural, unpasteurized and unfiltered, meaning consumers can have confidence that their product is free from nasties and toxic substances.

Add Papy’s unfiltered raw honey to your pre or post-workout regime and see what difference it can make to your performance and recovery!