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3 awesome alternative uses for honey

We all know how great natural honey tastes and the variety of ways you can incorporate it into recipes. From using it as a natural sweetener on roasted parsnips to baking it into cakes and spreading some on a crumpet, there are so many ways to enjoy it. Of course, many people will also know that honey acts as a natural immune system booster too and can be good for overall health.

As a result, honey really is a superfood that deserves to be part of anyone’s daily routine. But did you know that it has a whole host of other uses too? Here are some of the top alternative uses for this amazing natural product.

Organic face masks

Did you know that you can use natural honey to make the best organic face masks? While the ones you can buy from a shop are fine, making your own with the finest natural ingredients around is much better. As honey has antiviral and antibacterial properties, it is ideal to add in when making your own mask. When combined with other healthy ingredients, it can give your complexion a real boost.

Help to heal minor cuts

One ancient use for honey was healing wounds. Its effectiveness is again down to the antiviral and antibacterial properties it has. Both of those things help to stop germs and viruses from infecting cuts or grazes. Of course, you should always seek professional medical advice if you do suffer an injury – but honey could help minor wounds heal.

Enjoy fabulous bathtimes!

Everyone loves climbing into a hot bath after a busy day. Did you know that natural honey is your secret route to soft skin and fabulous bathtimes though? The antioxidant properties in raw organic honey mean it will nourish your skin and leave it feeling fantastic when you place a little in the water. As honey also smells amazing, it will help you relax and really escape into your own tranquil spa at home.

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