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How to choose the ‘right’ honey

Thanks to the well-documented superfood health benefits of honey, shop shelves are often stacked with a diverse range of options.

So, which honey is best?

It’s a very important question, as some mass-produced varieties are of dubious nutritional value. In fact, they have become merely an alternative to using sugar to sweeten things. There are several things to look for when choosing honey that’s beneficial health-wise. These considerations can also ensure that you buy a product that tastes amazing too!

Don’t be fooled by marketing jargon

At first glance, some packaging suggests you are choosing a natural and nutritious product but study the label carefully. Sift through claims and clever branding to find ways to identify authentic raw honey.

Unfiltered, natural honey

It is well known that the more you process a foodstuff, the less value it has nutritionally. That applies to honey too. Papy’s Honey is pure, raw honey, with none of its botanic goodness filtered out.

Organic honey

They say you are what you eat! Well, the quality of honey depends on the source of nectar and pollen used by well cared for honeybees.

Our honeybees feast on organic plants in an unspoilt part of South Lithuania. There are no pesticides used, nor are there any roads, factories or other potential sources of pollutants nearby. Which means our bees get the very best environment, so you enjoy the very best honey!

Nothing added that nature didn’t put there

Our honey is lightly strained through mesh to protect its quality without impacting on its nutritional value. However, it is what we leave out that makes Papy’s Honey so popular! We use absolutely no artificial sweeteners, sugars or preservatives.

Why does the best honey crystallize?

As our products are so raw, pure and unsullied by additives, they tend to undergo crystallization. This glorious texture, along with taste and smell, marks out a leading honey brand.

Recommendations for honey

You don’t need to take our word for it that the best honey comes from honeybees kept on private, natural ecological fields, and a production process that protects its purity.

Regular third party inspections ensure that our organic raw honey lives up to all its quality promises and health benefits.